Shanghai Institute ofHypertension

Shanghai Institute ofTraumatology and Orthopaedics, established in 1958 by thegovernment of Shanghai, is devoted to medical education andresearch in clinical and basic theories in both traditional Chineseand Western medicine.The institute has been selected as the key labof the Shanghai Higher Education Bureau, the key Laboratory ofShanghai Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in the treatmentof lesions bone and joint,the center of Shanghai TraditionalChinese and Western Medicine in collaboration with the medicaltreatment of fractures, model of Traditional Chinese medicineDepartment of Shanghai General Hospital,national "211 Project" keyconstruction disciplines, the Level Ⅲ Laboratory of StateAdministration of Traditional Chinese Medicine , the State Food andDrug Administration orthopaedics, wound Division base in clinicaltrials, and the National Key Discipline.The Institute hascollaborated with famous scientists and instates in University ofAlabama, Stanford University, Harvard University, the FifthUniversity of Paris of France, and University of Hong Kong, as wellas universities in China. Focusing on the research of injury andlesion in bone and joint, the institute has set special anddistinctive research techniques and systems, brought forwardinnovative viewpoints which promote and lead the development intraumatology and orthopaedics in China. So far, the institute hasbecome one of the most influencing clinic and theoretic researchinstitutes in China


197 Ruijin 2nd Road, Shanghai





Academic Background:

Dr Zhu Dingliang is a professor and Director of ShanghaiInstitute of Hypertension, the Vice Director of State KeyLaboratory of Medical Genomics at Ruijin Hospital JiaotongUniversity School of Medicine, the Principal Investigator of theSino-French Research CEenter for Life Science and Genomics. Dr Zhuwas awarded his Doctor of Medicine from the Second Army MedicalUniversity in 1966 and Doctor of Philosophy from Université Pierreet Marie Curie - Paris VI in 1992. Dr. Zhu studied as the visitingscholar in the Department of Cell Biology at North Carolina StateUniversity from 1986 to 1988. Dr Zhu completed his study for Doctorof Philosophy and postdoctoral research in Institut national de lasanté et de la recherche médicale (INSERM) and Centre National dela Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) from 1988 to1995.

Research Interest:

Hypertension genetic study and vascularbiology


2003, The Second Prize of Shanghai MedicineAward

2004, The Second Prize of Shanghai Scientific TechnologyProgress

2004, The First Prize of Chinese Medical Award

2008, The Third Prize of Shanghai Scientific TechnologyProgress


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