Shanghai Institute ofStomatology

Shanghhai Research Institute of Stomatology was foundedin 1982 with the aim of basic and clinical-oriented research onserious common oral diseases, such as caries, periodontology, oraloncology. To date, there’re 45 staffs in the institute, including15 senior faculties, 12 intermediate faculties and 18 juniorfaculties. Professor Zhiyuan Zhang is the current director andtenured professor Liu Zheng is the Honorary director. ShanghhaiResearch Institute of Stomatology consists of 6 laboratories and 1library, namely, lab of Oral Microbiology, Oral Bioengineering/Oral Tissue Engineering, Molecular and Cellular Oncology, MaterialResearch and Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Pathology and Library ofStomatology. Since its establishment, several research achievementshave been achieved. Numerous advanced facilities including FACScalibur flow cytometer, Leica microscope, Laminar flow culture roomwith GMP standard have been set up to facilitate clinical and basicresearches. Researches supported by the National High TechnologyResearch and Development Program of China (863 Program), Projectsof Development Plan of the State Key Fundamental Research (973Program) as well as National Natural Science Foundation of Chinahave been carrying out in this institue. More than 1000 papers havebeen published from this institute.


No.639 Zhizaoju Road, Shanghai


Zhang Zhiyuan




Professor ZHANG Zhi-yuan was graduated from Faculty ofStomatology, Shanghai Second Medical University in 1975. He wasawarded Master degree in 1986 and MD degree in 1991. He furtheredhis study on oral and maxillofacial surgery and head and neck tumorsurgery in Tokyo dental university, Japan, Nov-Dec 1992 and inMount Sinai Medical Centre, New York State University, America,from Mar 1995 to Mar 1996.


Professor Zhang is specialized in diagnosis and treatmentof oral & maxillofacial and head & neck neoplasm, inparticular for cranio-maxillofacial resection of advanced tumorsinvolving the skull base, carotid graft with carotid arteryinvolvement and management of oral and maxillofacial hemangiomasand vascular malformations. He is also specialized in surgicaltreatment and functional reconstruction for advanced tumors of oral& maxillofacial region involving the skull base, carotid arteryand larynx, basic and clinical study for hemangioma and vascularmalformation of oral & maxillofacial region, the relationbetween human papillomaviral infection and oral squamous cellcarcinoma, basic and applied study for bone tissue regeneration oforal & maxillofacial region.


He has been awarded 1 Second Prize for Science andTechnology Advancement from the government, 1 First, 1 Second and 2Third Prize for Science and Technology Advancement from ShanghaiMunicipality. He has been awarded 1 Second Prize and 1 Third Prizefor Science and Technology Advancement from the Ministry of Health,2 Second Prizes for Science and Technology Advancement from theMinistry of Education and other four Prizes. The course of Oral andmaxillofacial Surgery dominated by him won the National ExcellentCourse in the year of 2006. In 2002, he was awarded OutstandingYoung Expert from the Ministry of Health. In 2004 and 2005, he wasawarded Outstanding Hospital President and the Pioneer in Shanghai.He was also awarded Shanghai “Ten Excellent” Medical Ethics Prizeand Elite of Science and Technology from the Shanghai Municipalityin 2006 and 2007.


He has published 186 scientific papers, 17 of them arecited by the Scientific Citation Index as the first or thecorresponding author. He has published 8 monographs asEditor-in-Chief or Vice Editor-in-Chief, one English book and 5Chinese books as chapter writer.