Shanghai Institute ofTraumatology and Orthopaedics

ShanghaiInstitute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, established in 1958 bythe government of Shanghai, is devoted to medical education andresearch in clinical and basic theories in both traditional Chineseand Western medicine.The institute has been selected as the key labof the Shanghai Higher Education Bureau, the key Laboratory ofShanghai Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in the treatmentof lesions bone and joint,the center of Shanghai TraditionalChinese and Western Medicine in collaboration with the medicaltreatment of fractures, model of Traditional Chinese medicineDepartment of Shanghai General Hospital,national "211 Project" keyconstruction disciplines, the Level Ⅲ Laboratory of StateAdministration of Traditional Chinese Medicine , the State Food andDrug Administration orthopaedics, wound Division base in clinicaltrials, and the National Key Discipline.The Institute hascollaborated with famous scientists and instates in University ofAlabama, Stanford University, Harvard University, the FifthUniversity of Paris of France, and University of Hong Kong, as wellas universities in China. Focusing on the research of injury andlesion in bone and joint, the institute has set special anddistinctive research techniques and systems, brought forwardinnovative viewpoints which promote and lead the development intraumatology and orthopaedics in China. So far, the institute hasbecome one of the most influencing clinic and theoretic researchinstitutes in China.


197, Ruijin 2nd, Shanghai, P.R.China



Title:Full Professor, director of Shanghai Institute of Traumatology andOrthopedics


1958-1963:Shanghai Second Medical University, Faculty ofMedicine,

2003-now: Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

1995-now: Professor of Shanghai Second Medical University Chief of Orthopedics Dept of Rui Jin Hospital, Director ofInstitute of Orthopedics and Traumatology ofShanghai,

1989-1995: Deputy Professor of Shanghai Second MedicalUniversity Chief of Orthopedic Dept of Rui Jin Hospital,ViceDirector of Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology ofShanghai,

1986-1988: Attending Doctor of Orthopedic Dept of Rui JinHospital

1982-1985: Fellow in the Dept of Orthopedic surgery atthe

University of California, San Francisco, StLuke’s Hospital of Colombia University, Hospital for JointDiseasesand the Massachusetts General Hospital,Fellow of Honk KongUniversity, Attending Doctor of Orthopedic Dept of Rui JinHospital, Resident of Orthopedic Dept of Rui Jin Hospital,VicePresident of the Chinese Orthopedic Association, Presidentof the Shanghai Orthopedic Association, Vice Chairman of theChinese Total Joint Arthroplasty Society, Board Member ofChinese Musculoskeltal Tumor Society, Director Of ArthristisLaboratory, Shanghai Scientific Society, Deputy Editor ofJournal of China Total Joint Arthroplasty, Board Editor ofJournal of Chinese Surgery, Board Editor of Journal of ChineseOrthopedic Surgery


Repair and reestablish the bone and joint, fibroblastbone formation phenotypic expression discover and orientedregulation and control, Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis pathogenicbiological mechanism and the countermeasure, bone celldissimilation and inducement regulation and control, bonegeneration and upgrowth and important bone disease control, boneand joint tissues engineering


Shanghai medicine science and technology award( 1st prize), China medicine science and technology award(3rd prize)