Shanghai Institute of Digestive Surgery

Shanghai Institute of Digestive Surgery is divided intothe two parts of laboratory and clinics. Shanghai Institute ofDigestive Surgery is the basic and clinical research base ofDepartment of Surgery of Ruijin Hospital. The laboratory has OrganTransplantation Research Section, Digestive Pathology ResearchSection, Research Section of Cellular and Molecular Biology,Research Section of Immune Surgery and Chromatic Spectrum Sectionetc. Clinically it has Gastrointestinal Tumor Division, OrganTransplantation Division, Biliary Tract and Pancreas Division,Microtraumatic Surgery Division and Breast Cancer Division,Surgical Division of Dangerous and Severe Diseases. The Institutehas excellent academic organization and echelon of talents with itsdisciplinary academic level in the leading ranks at home and is oneof the research centers of surgery at home.