Shanghai Institute ofPlastic Surgery

Research Institute of Plastic & ReconstructiveSurgery is one of the best research institutes in the field ofPlastic & Reconstructive Surgery. After many years’ unremittingefforts of all members, this center has grown-up into a nationalfirst class medical center. In the scientific researches of TissueEngineering, Maxillofacial Surgery, Micro-reconstructive Surgeryand treatments of Lymhedema, Angioma and Cicatrix, this instituteis occupying the Asian and Pacific advanced level.

The institute has more than 50 Associate and Ordinary Professors,including the Academician of China National Engineering ResearchInstitute, Chang Jiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education,Distinguished Youth of National Nature Science Fund, and NewCentury Person of the Ministry of Education. The institute istaking on heavy responsibilities to ensure the successful launch ofNational Key Research Items of “973” and “863” Projects. In therecent three years, more than 100 SCI Articles have been published.Till now, the institute has totally won about 20 Sciences &Technology Advance Awards of the Ministry of Education andMunicipal Government of Shanghai. Now, this institute is the unitwith the directors of Chinese Medical Association Plastic andReconstructive Branch, Chinese Reparative and ReconstructiveSurgery Association, Chinese Society of Biomedical EngineeringTissue Engineering Branch and etc.


No.1 Building, 639 Zhi Zao Ju Road, Shanghai,China






1975.09-1978.06.Shanghai Second MedicalUniversity, Clinical Medicine, Bachelor

1985.09-1988.06.Shanghai Second Medical University, SurgicalMedicine, Master

1988.09-1991.06 Shanghai Second Medical University, SurgicalMedicine, PhD

1991.08-1994.08 Medical School, University of California, PostDoctorate

University of Massachusetts Medical School, VisitingScholar


Plastic Surgery & Tissue Engeering


James Barrett Brown Prize, USA

Distinguished Youth of National Nature Science Fund

National Invention Prize


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