Shanghai Institute of Burn

Shanghai Burns Institute was established in 1988. Theburn discipline of Ruijin Hospital was the first batch ofdisciplines qualified to offer doctorate degree more than thirtyyears ago. It undertook the first major scientific researchwork program of State Natural Science Fund in life science afterthe founding of the People’s Republic of China form1992-1997. The main results of this research program wassystemic studying the mechanisms of successful intermingletransplantation method and wound healing, which won the awards of2nd Prize of Shanghai Municipal Scientific and TechnologicalProgress in 1999, 2nd Prize of Scientific and TechnologicalProgress of Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China in1999 and 2nd Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of thePeople’s Republic of China in 2000. Since then, thescientific works financed by “973” and “863” Projects, severalitems of National Natural Science Fund sponsored by our centralgovernment and other funds sponsored by our municipal governmenthave still been going on the focus of the wound healing whichinvolved not only the normal repairing process of wounding healingbut also the un-controllable repairing process-repairing obstacle(diabetic wound surface) or over repairing (scar formation). Besides, the burn discipline of Ruijin Hospital has been in chargeof or participated in many items of international and domesticmulti-centre clinical researches and a special Training Center forburn surgeons and scientific research members for many years. It is also a member of the Postdoctoral Training Center in burnprofession and has been one of the three stages of "211 project"supporting key disciplines of former Shanghai Second MedicalUniversity and now medical school of Shanghai Jiao Tong Universityfor more than ten years.


197,Rui Jin Er Lu, Shanghai




Chief doctor


He is the chief executive of several national fundingprojects: The study of material science of fibroin in silk and itspotential ability to induce tissue reconstruction (Major StateBasic Research Development Program of China, ‘973 plan’); Researchof the development of soft-tissue-repairing material originatedfrom silk fibroin (Project of National Development in HighTechnology, ‘863 plan’); Research work and its industrialization ofartificial skin originated from silk fibroin (National FundingProjects on Science and Technology); 2 projects sponsored byShanghai Committee of Science and Technology—Clinical Study ofRecombined Human Keratinocyte Growth Factor II(rh-KGF II) and theResearch of TNano-materials on Burn Wound.


Burn wound management ;Treatment of infection inburns


He is the winner of 6 prizes, including the Second Prizeof Chinese Medical Science and Technology, the Second Prize ofProgressive Work in Science and Technology in Shanghai and theSecond Prize of Clinical Achievements inShanghai.


He has published 63 articles in national andinternational academic journals, worked as the editor-in-chief ordeputy chief editor of 4 professional books onBurns