Discipline Development

Discipline development is the lifeline for long-term development. Taking advantage of the opportunity of implementing the "211 Project" and the "985 Project", SJTUSM focused its work on the development of major disciplines, and made great efforts to develop interdisciplines and newly-emerging disciplines, build platforms for scientific and technological innovation, and improve bases for medical research by reorganizing advantageous resources, optimizing composition and distribution, and giving priority to pineering work, thus effectively upgrading the general strength of disciplines and the service function of the bases. As a result, SJTUSM has reached a new level in discipline development and academic status, accentuating its comprehensive superiority and distinct characteristics in the medical field.


From 2006 to 2010, the period of the 11th Five-Year Plan, SJTUSM received research grants from different sources for 4,539 research projects, with a total funding of 1,311.34 million yuan, of which 683.44 million was designated for projects at the national level, accounting for 52.1% of the funds. Of the projects at the national level, 5 are state key basic research projects (973 Projects) and major research plan projects as well as 24 research subjects; 20 are key research subjects and projects funded by the State Natural Science Foundation, and other major internationally cooperative projects and jointly-funded key projects; 5 projects are funded by Outstanding Youth Foundation, and 45 are state high-tech research and development projects (863 Projects). During this period, SJTUSM, as the leader of research projects, received 180 awards at the municipal or ministerial level in recognition of its achievements, including 1 State Second-class Award of Natural Science, 1 State Second-class Award for Technological Inventions, and 14 State Second-class Awards for Science and Technology Advancement. In addition, Academician Wang Zhen-yi won the Highest National Science and Technology Award for the year of 2010, the highest honor for a scientist in China and the greatest pride for SJTUSM. In recent years, the number of dissertations indexed by SCI has been increasing quickly, the rate of citation ranking high in the country. Overall, the number of research projects, research grants, and the key projects undertaken by SJTUSM has taken the lead among medical schools of our country.