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Introduction of SJTUSM Undergraduate Education


Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, well-known for its quality of medical education,has always attached importance to the construction of bases for the teaching of both basic and clinical medicine in its development over the past five decades.This ensures that it constantly follows the path of reform and innovation and at the same time adheres to the traditional practices that have proved to be effective and positive in the improvement of educational quality, a characteristic that has made our school stand out in the competition for excellence among medical schools. The school of medicine has some best general and specialized hospitals in Shanghai as its teaching hospitals:Ruijin Hospital, Renji Hospital, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai No.9 People's Hospital, Shanghai No.6 People's Hospital, Shanghai No.1 People's Hospital, and Shanghai No.3 People's Hospital are seven comprehensive affiliated general hospitals with excellent staffs and sophisticated facilities; the Shanghai Mental Health Center, Shanghai Children’s  Medical Center, the International Peace Maternal and Child Care Hospital, the Shanghai Children's Hospital, Shanghai Chest Hospital are five specialized hospitals that enjoy good reputation in their different fields. In addition, there are 16 other clinical teaching centers.Thetotal number of beds in all reaches 13,000, forming the richest clinical teaching resources among all medical schools in China. The School of Medicine currently offers eight-year and five-year programs of clinical medicine, seven-year program of stomatology, five-year program ofpreventive medicine, four-year program of medical laboratory, four-year program of nursing, four-year program of public health administration, four-year program of nutrition and other undergraduate programs. Each year about 700 undergraduate students from different parts of the nation and 60 international students come to our school for their education in medicine,stomatology and other medically related areas. Our programs of clinical medicine,stomatology and medical laboratory, in terms of educational strength and quality, all rank among the top three in the nation-wide rating and evaluation.four-year,five-year,seven-year and eight-year programsClinical Medicine,Preventive Medicine,Stomatology,Medical Laboratory Science,Public Health Administration,Nursing and Nutrition.