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  Teaching and Research Sections at College of Nursing  [09-11-25]
  School of Public Health  [09-11-25]
  School of Basic Medicine  [09-11-23]
  Clinical Department at Ninth People’s Hospital  [09-11-10]
  Clinical Department at Sixth People’s Hospital  [09-11-10]
  Clinical Department at Ruijin Hospital  [09-11-10]
  Teaching and Research Sections at College of Public Health  [09-11-09]
  Clinical Department at Renji Hospital  [09-11-09]
  The School of Stomatology  [09-09-16]
  The School of Nursing  [09-09-16]
  Clinical Department at Xinhua Hospital  [07-11-11]
  Clinical Department at First People’s Hospital  [07-11-11]